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    When you order our beach jewelry and accessories we will ship directly from Turks and Caicos. You won't get it overnight but you won't be disappointed when you open your beautiful package!

    We ship using USPS to the US and Canada.

    You'll get your island design, depending on where you are in about 3 weeks.

    We use EMS and USPS to ship our products from Turks and Caicos. We fly our products to the US and there is not a tracking number. Remember our islands are very good at getting product IN but a bit slow at getting product OUT. Please be patient, we're shipping from an island :-)

    If there is an issue with your products where you need to return an item, please refer to our Refund Policy. If you ordered from the US or Canada you will be returning the product to a Fort Lauderdale Florida address so you won't have to ship it back to Turks and Caicos.