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    We're Janine and John (JSquared) and we fell in love with Turks and Caicos the minute we landed here. What's not to love? The people are beautiful, the water is impossibly breathtaking and the sunrises are as equally amazing as the sunsets. It's all just awesome. 

    So what was next after starting up & selling several tech companies in the heart of San Francisco? Trade it in for a more chill & meaningful life, which is exactly what we did. 

    That B*tch Irma...

    But not all was sunny and great...in 2017 the worst hurricane ever hit this island head-on after we had just moved here. So what were we to do? We set up a massive GoFundMe effort to help the people of Turks and Caicos rebuild. Thanks to our generous friends we were able to raise $40,000 to buy and ship hundreds of pieces of plywood and enough roofing materials to cover over 20,000 square feet of roofing.

    Thanks to the help of the TCI Salvation Army our supplies went to help rebuild schools and churches on our island of Providenciales as well as Salt Cay which was also hit very hard and had little to no resources to get back on their feet.

    But what warmed our hearts the most was the spirit of the people here. Always strong, always positive and always full of love.

    Not knowing what was really next and getting through this tough period, we told each other that we know it would just come to us, and come to us it did. 

    First Came the Shells...

    Each day we're lucky enough to walk our little pup Dwight on Grace Bay Beach, the most amazing beach in the world. Over the course of 2018 we collected some beautiful shells and each day would put them on our table outside just to enjoy looking at them.

    One day as we were looking at them we said to each other "this is the beauty of what we get to see every day, we need to share it with people!". This came in the form of canvases, hats, scarves, and beachwear. Today it makes up our Shelluva Collection.  We take awesome photos on our daily walks and transfer these inspirations to wearables. Oh, then we throw the shells back on the beach, where they belong.

    Then Came the Pendants...

    We have mad love of another island too, Capri, Italy. Years ago we purchased a beautiful yet simple pendant there that Janine wears all the time. It is a sterling silver pendant with cut-outs of two iconic figures of Capri - Il Faraglioni and the rugged coastline. She loves it so much, we thought why not make one similar to show our love of Turks and Caicos. So we designed a pendant with our representation of the islands, and use it as the logo, in the jewelry and in the wearables. Turks in Turqs and I Left My Heart in Turks and Caicos Collections were both born, we'll see what else is created!

    All of the designs are sold here on the island and on the online store. You will be getting your shipment from our home of Turks and Caicos so overnight isn't really possible.

    Not Just a Souvenir...More of a "Keepsake"

    We know you have a lot of choices for your Turks and Caicos souvenirs. BUT, a JSquared piece is more of a quality piece of jewelry you'll cherish forever, not just throw in some jewelry bin in your closet never to be seen...or remembered..again.

    Wear JSquared for a Cause

    After JSquared gets paid for costs and get a wee bit of a paycheck, there are a number of charities that benefit from the sales. We'll be updating our Wear JSquared for a Cause page each month so you can see how much charities are benefitting from your generosity.