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    Wanna meet the most famous celebrity on Turks & Caicos? Just grab a snorkel and jump into our crystal clear Turks and Caicos waters and you may get a face-to-face greeting from our cherished JoJo the Dolphin! 

    JoJo is a wild Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin who regularly makes guest appearances alongside sport boats and even jet skis. He loves swimming and frolicking alongside wake surfers and sub wingers, and also popping up, seemingly out of nowhere to smile at snorkelers. That was our first time meeting JoJo, we were just about ready to get back on the boat when out of the blue JoJo came with a few feet of us, looked right at us with that smile, then proceeded to ‘cork screw’ around the anchor line.  He enjoys scratching his back (and all those itchy scars from getting too close to boat propellers!) on the rope.

    JoJo the Dolphin is surprisingly big, weighing in at over 800 pounds and about 10 feet long. But even at that size, and age - he’s over 40 years old - is super strong and graceful.

    JoJo was first spotted interacting with people in 1984. A few years later, some letters appeared from concerned tourists, suggesting that the government put JoJo into captivity, as he was allegedly attacking tourists on occasion because he was being touched, petted and otherwise exploited for commercial interests. Knowing the kind dolphin well, a local, Dean Bernal, petitioned the Turks and Caicos Ministry of Natural resources, explaining that JoJo had the right to defend himself and that he was a valuable natural resource to the area, as well as a loving and friendly sea mammal. Dean’s efforts did not go unnoticed. In 1989, JoJo was declared a “National Treasure” by the Turks and Caicos Islands Government and Dean was appointed as his warden and protector.

    JoJo is different than most other dolphins in that he remains secluded from any other dolphin pack but still loves personal interaction. What a personality! Because of it, he has made plenty of friends on the island, both people and dogs included. He loves frolicking in his home waters of Grace Bay, but has also been seen aways further out, and has been spotted off the cays east of Provo. But remember - JoJo is not an amusement park ride - there is absolutely no touching or riding allowed!

    Dreamer is JoJo’s newest child, and you can see the two of them playing in the waters together, it is amazing!

    We love this adorable, fun & awesome guy so much we couldn’t resist honouring him with our very own JoJo the Dolphin jewelry, a 925 sterling silver pendant available in 18” and 22” necklaces, as a charm bracelet or as a pendant only.