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    We believe in the word "help". In an effort to do what's right in this world, each month we give back a portion of our proceeds to worthy causes here on the islands. We strive to help support our beautiful environment, to help the awesome children of Turks and Caicos with food, clothing and shelter, and to support the amazing marine life with whom we share these breathtaking islands and its turquoise waters.

    Please wear these designs knowing you helped.


    Food For Thought

    There are currently about 4,000 children attending public schools in the Turks & Caicos Islands. The Breakfast Programme provides free breakfast every school day to all the students at the schools in North Caicos, Middle Caicos, South Caicos and Salt Cay. There are approximately 200 children in these schools. With the start of the Breakfast Programme in September 2016 the teachers quickly reported that they saw an improvement in the students’ attention, focus and attendance. 

    February 2019 donation: $300 in food purchasing for children's breakfasts.
    July 2019 donation: $300 to feed a child breakfast for one school year.
    October 2019 donation: $700 for product for silent auction, charity brunch tickets and food.
    March 2022 donation: $1000 in food purchasing for TCI kid's breakfasts.


    The Orchard

    The Orchard is a non profit group of caring individuals building a bridge of community togetherness with delicious, nutritious food as well as much needed supplies for a healthy, meaningful future in the Turks And Caicos Islands.

    August 2022 donation: $350 in backpacks for back-to-school island kids.
    December 2022 donation: $570 in product for silent auction


    Bahamas Red Cross 

    Hurricane Dorian Relief
    September 2019 donation: $500


    TC Reef Fund

    The Turks and Caicos Reef Fund (a 501c3 organization) was established to help preserve and protect the environment of the "Beautiful by Nature" Turks and Caicos Islands, an environment that draws so many visitors to these islands and is critical to our economic and physical survival.

    April 2019 donation: $200 to adopt 2 coral fragments in the Adopt a Coral Program
    December 2019 - $100 for stony coral issue.
    June 2021 donation - $400 scanner to compare older slides to the coral reefs now


    In The Pink - TCI Cancer Society

    This is an amazing event to raise money for TCI’s Cancer Society. The event plays host to a mega-shopping frenzy, a PINK Poker Tournament sponsored by CasaBlanca Casino and a lavish after-party where PRIME DJ’s will rock The Palms Courtyard well into the night, including a silent auction and raffle giveaways.

    October 2019 donation: $2000 in "Turks in Pink" sales at the event. 
    November 2022 donation: $1000 in sales at the event
    November 2022 donation: $450 in product for silent auction


    Caribbean House Evolution

    Caribbean House Evolution is an annual festival for house music lovers around the world. A space where local and international DJ’s come together and take part in a musical experience. We believe music makes all things possible.

    Caribbean House Evolution is proud to continue our support for the Edward Gartland Youth Centre in partnership with The Somewhere Cafe and Lounge and look forward to working with all our partners to fundraise throughout the festival. The centre works tirelessly to empower teenagers and provide equal opportunity for all young people on the Island of Providenciales regardless of heritage, religion or ethnic background. 

    June 2019 donation: $1400 in product for the youth winners of the festival!
    June 2019 donation: $1000 for a 3 day stay at Alexandra Resort for the Somewhere Café silent auction. 


    Turks and Caicos Museum

    Explore the island’s Culture & History, roam through exhibits on Nature & Environment, keep up with the latest museum events and follow our projects, both old and new.

    May 2019 donation: $250 to the TC Museum fundraiser. 
    September 2021 donation: $100 raffle tickets
    August 2022 donation: $295 in product for auction 


    Bo's Fund by Bark + Bliss

    The folks at Bark + Bliss sell our Potcake Love pendants and take all of their profits and donate them to people in Turks and Caicos who can't afford care for their pets or for animals that are in need. We also donate to the cause!

    December 2019 donation: $200
    September 2021 donation: $1500 in retail dog leashes.


    Potcake Place 

    Potcake Place is a dog rescue charity based in Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands.

    These amazing people adopt out 100% of all of our rescues to approved, screened homes throughout the Turks and Caicos Islands and North America. They run solely on donations.


    February 2020 donation: $300
    September 2021 donation: $1500 in retail dog leashes.
    July 2022: $500 in retail dog leashes



    The TCSPCA runs spay and neuter clinics regularly all year round in the Provo clinic and we have now expanded to other islands. With the help of fantastic volunteer vet teams from the US we make annual visits to all of the family islands including Grand Turk, South Caicos and North & Middle Caicos where currently no vet care exists. The residents from these small less populated islands are totally dependent on the TCSPCA to provide vet care for their pets and the Grand Turk Chapter of the SPCA is doing a remarkable job of helping as many animals as they can.

    January 2019 donation: $100 for Jasper!
    March 2019 donation: $100 for Alice!
    June 2019 donation: $95 in jewelry for gifts of the TCSPCA family.
    August 2019 donation: $420 in jewelry for the TCSPCA BBQ silent auction.
    November 2019 donation: $2420 in jewelry and a stay at the Alexandra Resort for the TCSPCA Dog Show silent auction. 


    Salvation Army TCI + Turks and Caicos Hotel & Tourism Association

    Island-fave DJ Munro (of Caribbean House Evolution and countless other local gigs including Grace Bay Club) and JSquared hosted a weekly Virtual Happy Hour to benefit local Turks & Caicos charities during these challenging times. 100% of the donations from this virtual happy hour went to Staples Box Mission where every $100 feeds a family for two weeks! 

    May 2020 donation - 4 happy hours raised $2,550


    Provo Children's Home

    The Provo Children's Home is a permanent home the provides a safe therapeutic environment for children between 6 and 15 years old and are in need. It includes educational, emotional, physical and spiritual support and care. 

    April 2019 donation: $500 grocery gift cards
    May 2019 donation: $100 to send a child from the PCH to Taylor's Tutoring Education Camp
    December 2019 donation: $525 in gifts for the awesome children!
    April 2020 donation - $500 
    December 2020 donation - $300 for two soccer goals


    Turks and Caicos Community College

    Founded in 1994, TCI Community College is a government public college and the only secondary education institution serving the local population of the Turks and Caicos Islands. The Grand Turk Campus, dedicated in 2002, is the school's main facility and previously had served as part of a naval base. A branch campus is located on the island of Providenciales.

    March 2019 donation: $450 to help send students on a trip to New York for increasing their knowledge in the financial sector.


    Marjorie Basden High School - South Caicos

    July 2019 donation: $180 gift to valedictorian.